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MMA Classes

Train with top level coaches, from beginners to fight-ready athletes, MMA will challenge you like never before.

MMA is a diverse combination of striking and grappling, a cage-proven form of self-defence and fantastic way to get fitter, stronger and more confident.

Mixed Martial Arts, also known as MMA, is the umbrella term used for a combat sport in which two athletes attempt to achieve dominance over one another by imposing three general tactics: striking, submission holds, and control.

MMA rule sets allow for combatants to utilize a variety of martial arts techniques including punches, kicks, joint-locks, chokes, takedowns and throws. Victory within an MMA bout is often gained through a knock-out blow, submission (conceding defeat by tapping your opponent or mat), or referee stoppage. If the bout ends without an obvious victor, a panel of referees decide through an agreed upon scoring system.

MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the US today, and modern MMA continues to grow in popularity. MMA is now most often associated with the combat sport that became popular in the 1990s after the formation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC. However, the term Mixed Martial Arts already existed way before the UFC came about.

Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes at Venum Training Camp Las Vegas is the culmination of the individual sports on offer at VTC, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and No-Gi grappling, bought together to achieve fighting dominance in an octagon.

The MMA lessons at VTC generally start with some sport-specific warm up movements like shoulder rolls, wrestling shots, pummelling and more. Then, expect a demonstration and explanation of the day’s technique from our MMA coach, followed up with live-drilling and positional sparring.

While in our Mixed Martial Arts Class, expect your coach to develop your skills through small-group mentoring, specific training, drills and pad work. The content of each class varies from week to week, keeping the classes fresh whilst focussing on all aspects of MMA. When ready, test yourself with some light-sparring in open sparring sessions. The objective with sparring is to test your newly acquired skills against a resisting opponent and to have some fun! Sparring sessions are closely monitored and we promote a safe and positive learning environment at Venum Training Camp.

VTC is not ONLY an MMA gym, come down and watch or join one of our MMA classes today to get inspired right here in the heart of Summerlin Las Vegas!

Equipment required: MMA sparring gloves, hand-wraps, mouthguard, headgear, shinguards & energy!